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Phototherapy EP

by Fahim Rahman

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Headlights 01:27
All black Passat I tinted my eyes I know, I know, I know I'm always behind (I'm always) Chasing headlights (headlights) I'm feeling low Dark as the night Watching the road, the road, the road I'm losing time (time, time) The yellow lines I'm over, I'm over Headlights
The city's sleeping The snow blankets The monolith (alone) Time you thief, we're briefly gorgeous The train is coming, last moments, slow motion (so slow) We dance like a holiday And who? (are, are, are, are, are) (alone, alone, alone, I know) Street lights Shine down like spotlights The wind cuts through On those familiar nights The universe had briefly noticed us Felt so significant Fine for a moment We're beautiful Before the funerals Headstone apartments Packed into boxes We're moving on Before the view is gone Fine for a moment For the curtain calls
Posterity 03:18
One day, one day I'll get over this Everyday I wake up to the sun Wondering what went wrong I'm sorry, time's coming Is it selfish to be stuck inside my head? Is it selfish that I'm always sad? I'm sorry It couldn't be worse I want to apologize to my Mom I'm tired but I'm going to hang on For you, for you ... Head's half in the clouds All love when I'm down Floating, I'm floating Enjoy myself for now Clocks won't bring me down Slowly, go slowly Think I'm going to see beyond this Think I'm going to see beyond this Think I'm going to see beyond this Think I'm going, think I'm going One day
Listen, I know that you've been feeling different The hole keeps on sinking through your chest They say that we'll all be bones in boxes You never want to show, never want to show your face You're losing all your glow like pearls inside a case Never quite knew you could be so far You put on a show like the movie stars Do you want a third act? Not quite yet You're quick to reflect so you run and hide You don't want to see the unwanted dreams Maybe let your mind rest, mysteries You won't have to run, and you won't have to be So distant So distant So distant (I know)
Fahim: I should've known Line and bubble It's broken (broken) We broke it (broke it) I should've known Line and bubble Adolescence I'm changing (changing) I know we try to keep things just right But I'm too little, I'm too little To roll back the time When I felt alright Now I'm little I'm little Big world around me It's changing, it's so bleak I'm older, and I've seen Some friends Put to sleep The pressure of the world will make you feel so small When I said people change, there is no loyal-tea Trust shows no mercy My hometown, so empty Does Woodlake still love me? Now that we're grown, and building New roads ... Sandeep: I thought I was at home But I don't really know Anyone around me I looked up at the sky To find the North Star Something to guide me I'm little in this line and bubble I'm little in this line and bubble
Snowmelt 02:58
They said it wouldn't be too easy, they were right Are you all that you want to be? Tinted eyes It's cold and it's gray Symptoms of the age Capital color, I know why The puddles came Take a breath of cold air Feel the wind in your hair (don't go) You are (Allah, Allah) you Are a lighthouse


This is an EP of demos that I recorded in my bedroom while social distancing over the course of 2020-early 2021. Instead of limiting it to a distinct genre, I think every song on the project combines a gradient of sounds that I enjoy; amongst other sounds, I borrowed from folk, indie-pop, and cinematic influences.

Everything written, recorded, and produced by myself (outside of two features from my good friends, Sandeep Kanchiraju and Daniel McCrystal).


released March 20, 2021

Writing: Fahim Rahman
Singing: Fahim Rahman
Instrumentation: Fahim Rahman
Mixing: Fahim Rahman
Mastering: Fahim Rahman
Features: Sandeep Kanchiraju, Daniel McCrystal


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Fahim Rahman Richmond, Virginia

'tidewater' and 'Phototherapy' out now! more soon, cheers

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